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3 in 1 Pet Dog Dryer Quiet Dog Hair Dryers and Comb Brush

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Product description

Product Name: Pet hair dryer can be changed head, plus round head and flat head

Objects of use: small and medium-sized dogs and cats, other small animals

Product function: blow dry styling massage comb

Functional features of the whole machine:

---the upgraded version of the wind power is super large, can be used with the matching flat head and round head concentrated wind drying, small size (comfortable feeling), can change the head (after the comb hair becomes dirty for a long time, the comb hair can be replaced at a lower price)

---Comb hair design features upgraded wind power than the previous model can not be strengthened by wind power, can be dried and then put on the needle comb pulling shape, while blowing and pulling, fine needle: convenient for pulling

---Wet and dry

---Low noise design

---Interchangeable head design

Three temperature adjustments

1st gear LOW high wind speed low temperature (suitable for summer use)

2nd speed MLDDLE low wind speed medium temperature (for combing styling)

3rd HLGH High Wind Speed High Temperature (suitable for winter, quick hair drying)

- Overheating protection (the internal temperature of the product is too high, the machine automatically shuts down)

Wire length: 2 meters

Rated frequency: 50-/60HZ

Maximum power: 600W

Motor speed: 20000 rpm

Rated voltage: AC110-120V/AC200-230V

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